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Italian Reds

E'Iss Tintore, Tenuta San Francesco 2014

Tenuta San Francesco

Tenuta San Francesco is a very special producer to us. we served both this beautiful full bodied E'Iss for our red and the elegant Falanghina for our white at our wedding, on the Amalfi coast.

The Vineyard and farm is located high up in the mountains, in the small town of Tramonti. This is a special wine to us due to its presence at our wedding, but also due to the quality of the wine and the respect and care the producer has for it. This is one of our main Beef roast wines and one we keep for special occasions and to share with friends.

Tintore di Tramonti is a rare, dark-skinned, teinturier variety found mostly in Campania, Italy. The vines in existence today all survived the 19th century Phylloxera crisis that affected most of Europe in the late 19th Century. Making most of the remaining vines at least 120 years old. The vines produce loose bunches of small, dark thick-skinned berries giving the wines made from the variety robust tannins & deep colours.

Due to the age of the vines, they yield a very low quantity of grapes, but the fruit they produce is usually very concentrated, Tenuta San Francesco use the traditional tendone (pergola) system. 

Tintore di Tramonti produces loose bunches of small, dark berries with thick skins. Mildew and other diseases are less of a danger here because of these skins, which give wines made from the variety robust tannins and inky coloring. Of course, the fact that Tintore di Tramonte is a teinturier variety with pigmented flesh also contributes deep color. Acidity levels are typically at the higher end of the spectrum, and Tintore di Tramonte wines have great aging potential.

The wines typically exhibit spicy, woody aromas such as clove followed by dark-fruit flavors of plum and blackcurrant. Licorice and dried tea leaves may also be noted, along with a salty, minerally characteristic that can be attributed to the seaside location of the vineyards.

Tintore di Tramonti is not officially recognized within any of Campania's DOCs and thus wines produced using the variety must be marketed under the local IGT title.

We're also proud to have established a close relationship with Tenuta San Francesco to represent them as their exclusive UK Distributor.

Production area

Tramonti, the green heart of the Amalfi Coast, All the vineyards are characterised by high-density soil, situated on steep - sloped terraced lands between 300 and 500 meters above sea level.


Tintore 100%

A lovely full-bodied red, the Tintore grape is a very established robust red grape giving the wine a deep red colour, with a complex bouquet of dark red fruits including Cherry, red currants and a hint of plum, all complemented by the tannins from the Tintore grape and the minerals from the pumice in the soil, left over from Mount Vesuvius eruptions over the years.

Food Pairings
Perfect served with a meaty pasta sauce, red meat or game or to complement cheeses.

Product Details

ABV:  13.5%
Serving temp  16-18 ° C. 
Lay down





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