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Santa Sofia

Bardolino DOC Classico, Santa Sofia 2018

Santa Sofia

In 1939 the Experimental Station of Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano distinguished two sub-areas: that of the "Bardolino" - presently the "Classic" area - and that of "Sona-Custoza", the current southern area of ​​the DOC. In 1969, the year in which the Consortium for the protection of Bardolino DOC wine was established, Luigi Veronelli described Bardolino - already defined by him years ago as "nice" - as a wine with a "ruby red color, transparent and joyful, bright, with a soft bouquet , which retains a vinosity made elegant and with a dry and light flavor, with a subtle flavor ”. The concept of typicality is once again the keystone of Bardolino's success: in 2011 the British magazine Decanter included it among the ten styles of wine to be followed with greater attention in Italy.

Production area

From vineyards of morainic-glacial hills located in the municipalities of Lazise and Bardolino, east of Lake Garda.

Corvina (55%), Rondinella (30%), Molinara (15%).

Ruby colour of gentle intensity, with subtle violet reflections, it has an intoxicating and vinous nose that releases flavours of black cherries and raspberries, more subtle sensations of liquorice root and new leather emerge: really pleasant and identity! The sip is pleasantly slender, supported by a very fine tannic texture, still a pungent thread: the bittering vein that is felt in the progression is captivating and focuses on the finish on slightly bent hints. All this, for a juicy and crunchy drink, fresh and persistent.

Food Pairings
It stands out with mushroom pasta and white meats, perfect with lasagna with meat sauce. Another pairing is with pasta and beans. After light aging in the bottle, well also with roasted and boiled poultry. For those who love red fish and fish, if served young and fresh (14 ° C) it blends well with the sensations offered by lake fatty fish: risotto with tench and grilled eel. Tradition has it that it is combined with one of the most typical Venetian dishes: polenta and stockfish (cod). Leaving the canons a little, you can taste couscous, both with vegetables and fish and with meat.

Product Details

ABV:  12.5%
Serving emp  8 - 10 ° C. 





Vendor: Santa Sofia

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