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Sonoma County Distillery, West of Kentucky Bourbon No.1

Sonoma County Distillery

We discovered this bourbon with a good friend one Sunday afternoon and ended up meeting Adam the owner and founder of and Sonoma County Distillery. We love wine, but also enjoy all types of Spirit and liqueurs and after tasting this, felt the ethos behind the producer and company, the quality of the product and the fact we all loved it. Meant it earned a place in the shop.  We drink neat and mix with a very small amount of ice depending on our mood, we also tried it in our old Fashioned and it worked well.

Available for a limited time every year, Sonoma County Distillery uses traditional techniques for our West Of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey No.1 to re-imagine what a bourbon can be. This method creates a smooth, flavorful experience that can be enjoyed neat, with ice or even in your favorite bourbon cocktail.

Creating their take on classic Kentucky Bourbon, the red bridge is a nod to the dash of locally smoked California Cherrywood-smoked barley added to the American yellow corn and rye. Aged in new, charred American oak for no less than one year, dark dulcet flavors emerge without too much smoke or sweetness. Making this California’s Bourbon Whiskey.

The West of Kentucky No.1 Bourbon Whiskey (Smoked) features the aromatic notes of Marachino Cherry, light smoke, allspice, vanilla and sarsaparilla and a stunning undertone of California Cherrywood-smoked malted Barley, not overly smokey like some bourbons and whiskey, the softness and elegance from the Cherrywood smoke makes this a very enjoyable bourbon to drink.


Country America
ABV 47.8%
Type Bourbon
Volume 70cl


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