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Partially fermented white grape must, Luzzatto Vinyard, White, NV Beni di Batasiolo

Luzzatto Vinyard

A very interesting sweet / Desert wine, from the well known Beni di Batasiolo. Being partially ferment means, there is still quite a bit of sugar left which provides the sweetness and also keeps the alcohol low, making for an enjoyable desert wine and something worth trying. Great enjoyed on its own or served with pudding. We enjoy it with home made panettone Bread and butter pudding!

Production area
Piemonte, Italy

100% Moscato

Straw yellow colour, with an Intense and very aromatic

Food Pairings
Perfect enjoyed on its own, with some salty nuts or served as a desert wine.

Product Details

ABV: 5.5%
Serving temp 8-10 ° C. 
Lay down





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