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Rubesco Rosso Torgiano DOC, Lungarotti 2013


 I experienced my first bottle of wine from Lungarotti while staying on the island of Capri. It was a 2007 Sagratino and I enjoyed it with a burger, covered in Mozzarella. Every time we visit, my order is now the same Bottle of 2007 and a burger. I try to not share either. 

As a surprise, my wife booked a wine tour on our honeymoon around Lungarotti and we got to enjoy a number of their collection, a 2010 Rubesco Rosso being one. This is a beautiful wine, that I didn't understand in my inexperienced days. It needs a good breath, about 1-2 hours before drinking.

A DOC wine since 1968, it is Lungarotti’s most popular wine worldwide. Rubesco is a proprietary brand, derived from the Latin verb rubescere; to blush: hence, a joyous meaning. On the label, a bas-relief depicting the harvest, detail from the Fontana Maggiore of Perugia, one of Italy’s most beautiful 13th-century fountains.

Production area

Valpolicella classica. From vineyards of mediocre rocky hills located in the towns of Negrar, Fumane, San Pietro in Cariano and Marano, north of Verona. 

Sangiovese and Colorino

A red with balanced body and a fine ruby colour. Its aromas are typically spicy and consist of pepper and sweet tobacco; the background notes hint at red-fruit jam and violet. A pleasant drink with good concentration, mature and harmonious tannins with a long-lasting fruity finish

Food Pairings
strangozzi pasta with red onion and cheek bacon, BBQ with spicy sauce, T-bone steak, beef fillet with balsamic condiment and extra virgin olive oil, roast beef with roast potatoes , stewed eel, eggplant caponata, rotisserie chicken, slightly aged cheeses (pecorino, parmigiano), traditional lasagne alla Bolognese. Thanks to its moderate body it is also excellent for preparing sauces.

Product Details

ABV: 13.5%
Serving emp 16-18 ° C. 





Vendor: Lungarotti

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