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Finamore Bianco frizzante, Vignamadre



A lovely, fresh frizzante from Vignamadre, Finamore Bianco frizzante has to be one of our favorite wines with fish, light but aromatic, with great acidity, it's very easy to drink and something different to serve up when you fancy a glass of sparkling.

Production area
Ortona ,Province of Chieti , Abruzzo

A blend of the producer's whites varieties

The color is light yellow, straw color. Slightly aromatic and fruity wine, with hints of sour green apple. 

Food Pairings
Good as an aperitif, it goes well with all fish dishes. light wine, excellent for any occasion

Product Details

ABV:  11%
Serving emp  6-8 ° C





Vendor: vignamadre

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